Thursday, 21 June 2012

If I had a little money...

Let's get down to it- the first fashion related post!

Like most people, I have just finished my A-Levels and have been left with a lot of time on my hands. What does a person with very little to occupy their time with do apart from start up a third blog? They clear out their wardrobe, of course. And bedroom. And study. And bathroom cupboard... As you can imagine, I was left with piles and piles of unwanted stuff ranging from notepads to underwear to practically unworn clothes. It broke my heart clearing out my wardrobe, it really did. But, I'm a student, and I'm poor. So (out of the kindness of my heart) I'm selling a bunch of my clothes! Though my first thought was eBay, so much of my stuff is really good vintage that I couldn't let it go for just a few pennies, so I decided on ASOS Marketplace. I did some browsing and the stuff there ranges from "should be on eBay" to "way too overpriced" but in the middle there's masses of amazing quality vintage and customised clothes. If I had more money I'd have bought half the shop already, but as it stands, I'm in the opposite position... Here's a few shots of what I'm selling- I had a really nice day taking the photos and styling my friend even if we had to keep some of the outfits pretty simple. Everything is available to buy over at my ASOS profile and there will be more items up soon. I just hope other people feel the same way about the pieces as I did because they definitely deserve a good home! 
Floral silk blouse £16
Silk geometric pattern blouse £15

Though I've started going off a lot of vintage stuff recently, these are still some of my favourite vintage styles because they are so simple! Blouses are so easy to dress up or dress down and I firmly believe that a good blouse is a staple item in a wardrobe- precisely why I refuse to sell all of my silk shirts...

More to come soon! x

numero uno

Welcome! As I mentioned in my profile, this is my THIRD blog- one of which was also a fashion blog, the other, well, if you find it consider yourself very lucky... (No, it's not porn) I'm determined to keep up with this new one so you can expect an awful lot of fashion and my opinions on it. I have trips to Florida and Reading Festival planned for the coming summer as well as (fingers crossed) my first term at university in September which are bound to provide interesting style insights! I can't wait to get started so I'm going to keep this post short and start writing something slightly more interesting for y'all. I hope you enjoy my musings- if you find me, let me know about your blog because I'd love to read it and share advice whether it be fashion or blog style related!
First post coming soon...