Sunday, 24 June 2012

Work, bracelets, work, shorts, work, work, work...

It's killing me that I'm working so much right now, but I desperately need the money. Wearing my uniform non-stop is seriously dull and it feels like forever since I've constructed an outfit that I've fallen in love with. Thankfully, I have two days off this week (I'm supposed to be on my summer holidays?!) as well as two nights out with my friends- hopefully they'll give me the chance to get all of the fashion tension out of my system. You can definitely expect some exciting blog posts over the next week because I'm determined to make the most of these opportunities to wear something inventive!

Since dying my shorts yesterday, I've been constantly racking my brain for what to put with them. The Topshop sale has been surprisingly good so far, in particular the jewellery so I picked up a few pieces that were half price to team with my shorts. They're just as bright as the shorts which will mean I'll have room to tone down the outfit with a plain vest. I'm so excited to put it all together- just looking at it all makes me feel summery.

I really love the cute little Mexican Day of the Dead skulls right now!

 I have a feeling my shorts and bracelets will act as great festival clothes too- only 58 days until Reading! Is anyone else heading out to some festivals over the next few months? I would love to hear what sort of outfits you'll be taking. My advice would be one pair of shorts that will last the whole weekend which can be dressed up or down and most importantly go with everything, and of course wellies. I'm also planning on buying a bum bag which will be great not only for festivals, but for my holiday to Florida too. There's so many misconceptions about bum bags (I'm the first to admit I used to be completely against them), but I've recently found some gorgeous ones over at ASOS- the only problem is the extortionate price, so I'll definitely be doing some browsing before I make my purchase.

On the subject of summer purchases, I recently bought a new pair of Hawaiian patterned Vans- they're so different to any other pairs that I've seen before! Though there's a chance that when put with my dip dyed shorts they'll look too much, I'm definitely going to try them out together at some point. It's just too tempting!

My wardrobe is undoubtedly suffering a summer overload right now- I can't wait to see if my clothes rail will still be attached when I return from Florida with $600 worth of new stuff.