Friday, 11 January 2013

It's been a while...

How long to be precise? I don't even want to go into it...

However, a lot has happened in the past few months! Having started university in Cardiff studying English literature, I've been faced with so many incredible opportunities both academic and social. I've begun writing for the Cardiff University magazine Quench and have had a piece featured in almost every issue- it's a lot of fun! If you fancy having a read of some of my stuff, they can be found herehere and here. I'm sure those interested would be able to find the rest by having a search around...

Now, back to the matter in hand- clothes. I have had the best luck with the sales this year. That is not an understatement. In total, I saved over £400 and yes, you can argue that I still spent money that I probably didn't need to, but when the bargains are going at that price, who can blame me?!

My best buys include Lux By Sara & Amiee Berman Grandfather Coat, Croc print leather DMs and a real leather Topshop Boutique biker jacket among many, many other things. 

Apologies for the lack of content in this post! I plan to start documenting my outfits as regularly as I used to. Unfortunately, this has to depend on how much work I get set for uni... Boo hoo... I shall leave you with a few shots from the months that I've been AWOL. 

New Years Eve- Me and the Vodka Watermelon

Halloween- I killed Minnie Mouse 

Modelling for Quitters Never Win

Modelling for Quitters Never Win

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I posted last! Absolutely disgraceful, I know... But to be fair, I was chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool in Florida. I had an amazing time as you could probably tell from my last two posts so I won't bore you with too many more details; just a few outfits...

This skirt was about £30 from vintage department store Blitz on Brick Lane in London- though the price was a bit much for an item of second hand clothing, I couldn't resist the print! It's so summery and looks great with my black cropped tee (£8 Topshop). 

As I mentioned, I'm now home and on a complete post-holiday come-down. Nothing compares to Orlando- the sun, the shopping, the constant supply of things to keep you entertained... It's awesome to be back with my friends though- I've managed to keep myself busy each day since I've been home which is helping me to stop feeling too sorry for myself! Of course, I've managed to fit in some shopping too- Urban Outfitters shopping to be exact. I've been looking to get some new jeans that fit well for a while and seeing as I returned home to a freshly topped up bank account, I felt as though today was a good opportunity to satisfy my need. I always have good experiences with denim shopping in Urban Outfitters. Although it tends to be a little more pricey than Topshop (jeans averaging at £45 rather than £38-£40) I'm completely behind the fact that you get what you pay for- a pair of great fitting trousers. My favourite brand for jeans has been BDG for a while now so they were the first that I checked out. I found the perfect colour (a bright/dark indigo if that's possible!) so headed straight to the fitting room only to be greeted by the fact that I needed a smaller size... Turns out that the binging in FL had been counteracted by all the walking! To cut a long story short, I bought  the jeans as well as a pale denim shirt (long sleeved) to wear with them. I got the idea from an outfit I saw Alexa Chung wearing which featured in one of my previous posts. I'll be wearing the outfit tomorrow so I'll take some snaps and have them ready ASAP!

I'm afraid that's all for now folks- hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon! I'm sure now that I'm home with things to do and people to see I'll start thinking about my outfits a lot more again- it's a bit of a no brainer in the heat in Orlando!


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunny FL

Still in Florida as you may have guessed from the lack of posts! Thought I'd give you a quick update on what I've been wearing in the heat/pouring rain... Sadly, it only ranges from shorts and vests to shorts and t-shirts but I've been doing my best to look fab with what I can manage without dying of heat stroke.

Second day in Orlando we headed to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios- who knows what that means..? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter ooooooooo. It wasn't even my first visit there (we went the year it opened haha!) but I was so excited that I had to wear my customised Levi's, now known as the Slytherin shorts. As expected, I got a tonne of funny looks from other visitors, but I did not care one bit. I was definitely feeling smug due to the fact that I had created such awesome shorts... If anyone is interested, you can check out my tutorial on how to make shorts like mine in my post last month. With my Levi's, I wore my vintage Tom & Jerry Tank- my outfit didn't need any more bright colours!

One of the best moments of my life; being chosen from a crowd in Olivander's to have  my wand chosen for me.
That's right, all you lovely people...
 Busch Gardens was day 4- seeing as we'd spend the previous day at Aquatica, Sea World's water park, I was horrifically sun burnt. This lead me to staying pretty covered up on my shoulders that day- I was hurting. On the up side, I got to stroke some kangaroos! As you can see, I wore a oversize tee with a repeat leopard pattern with my indigo denim Levi's. Just to let you know, I averted any further sun burn that day.

Sadly, the sun was short lived- this is us doing our family signal whilst waiting in a gift shop packed with people trying to escape the rain. Everything was shut down and after 90 minutes queuing for Sheikra, we were not pleased. 
Chillin' at The Mall at Millenia- jeans were needed due to the extensive air conditioning here... 
Hi, I'm Hulk Hogan
I couldn't help myself....

As you may have guessed, day 5 was spent shopping- a much needed rest after the heat and walking experienced in the first couple of days. Along with my new Vans (authentic, acid washed red) I picked up a cute tie dye tank (guys, $15) and a tribal patterned crop top ($20) from Urban Outfitters, both of which were on sale! I have to admit, I didn't find that much that I was overly impressed with in there... Though I have a feeling that this was because I've been saving up for so long that I've become reluctant to spend my money. It's a sad feeling... 

On a happier note, here's my beautiful new crop top. I wore it to Sea World expecting to get completely soaked on Journey to Atlantis- it was broken down, sod's law. By the time they had it up and running neither me, mother or father could be bothered to wait in the 70 minute queue and went home. I loved my outfit that day though! Keeping my fingers crossed for some good weather back in England so I can wear it at least once... pleaaaase?!

I hope you enjoyed my mess of holiday snaps because there's a lot more to come. Keep checking back because I'm pretty sure that in the next few weeks my spending head is going to go into overdrive and I will no longer be able to refrain from purchasing everything in sight.... 

All my love, Timone. x

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Apologies for having been totally AWOL the past few days! I was getting everything packed and ready for Florida which coincidentally, is where I am now! It's so hot. I can't begin to describe it, though I am not complaining one bit. The flight was lengthy but Virgin provided some pretty good films (21 Jump Street is hillarious) and even though it took us three hours to get out of the airport, the whole journey went pretty smoothly. I'm so happy to finally be here in sunny Orlando; it's like a second home to me and I'm pretty sure it's impossible to be unhappy when you're only 10 minutes down the road from Mickey.

As you can imagine, all this heat and travelling has seriously affected my outfit choices. For the flight I had a whole bunch of things to consider; on a 9 hour journey you need to be comfy and the air con that is constantly pumped into the plane means you're bound to be freezing throughout, however once you reach Florida, you'll suddenly become unbearably hot and are likely to be met with torrential rain (we weren't, thank God...). Having weighed up all of these factors I went for my brand new bright pink Topshop skinnies which I bought in the sale last week. As I mentioned in my last post, they were a massive bargain at only £18 instead of £38! I would have been an idiot to say no... With these, I chose my vintage Sea World tank top and my trusty oversize knitted cardigan. For footwear, I chose my new studded slipper style pumps; they knocked my bank account down to a tiny £10 (bearing in mind I barely had any money to start out with) but they were definitely worth it...

Cute vintage bag that my Mum found in her wardrobe!

Today (our first full proper day in Orlando) we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios- it's one of my favourite parks, though having said that I could easily say the same about all of them. Once again, the weather was ridiculously hot so besides the obvious (shorts, studded of course) I chose to wear a new tank top I found in the Urban Outfitters sale for only £10. It's oversized arm holes are perfect for this sticky weather. Though my outfit is completely simple, I felt it was perfect for a day trecking around the park. For shoes, I wore my beat up old vans- comfortable and cute. My sunglasses are my favourite thing right now, even if I did get told by a Disney Cast Member today that I looked like I had stolen them from the John Lennon Museum...

Sorry to leave you with such a short post but I am absolutely pooped. Gotta be up at 5am for an early entry to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! You can expect a lot of gushing about that soon... 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I had a great day, just to let you know...

I took this photo this morning- as it stands, the countdown is at 3 days, 4 hours and 45 minutes! I'm super excited but as I have such a short amount of time left before I leave for FL, I've been trying to see as many of my friends as possible. Today I headed into town and met up with two of my closest- it was a lovely day but as we're in England, the weather had a little something to say too. It affected my outfit choice marginally but I still think it looked fab (if I do say so myself...)! 

To cope with the constant downpours I decided on my floral print DMs- I've had them for about 18 months now and though the print is beginning to wear away (after some pretty treacherous weather in NYC last year), they're holding up well. I used to think DMs were way too chunky and down right ugly but over the last couple of years I've began a love affair with the brand; one which is likely to never end. I believe that anyone who has anything to say against Doc Martens just needs to give them a try- there are so many styles available; it's impossible that you won't find at least one pair that you like.  

Seeing as I was dressing for the weather, my shoes were the first thing I thought about which meant that the rest of my outfit spiraled from there. The best thing to team with my DMs is tights (not just tights- don't worry) so from there I decided on one of my many pairs of vintage high-waisted Levi's. I went for the plain indigo pair again as I wanted to wear a dark coloured top. The top I chose is a reworked, vintage Tom & Jerry tee from Motel. With the arms cut off to create long slits down the side, it looks great tucked in to anything high-waisted. I love the baggy, tucked in look- it's so casual but creates such a flattering outcome as the shorts cinch in at just the right point. 

To finish the outfit off, I decided on my GAP denim jacket- it's comfy, looks good and baggy enough that I can fit a lightweight black cardigan underneath for warmth in our English summertime. I really love the overall look. For me, I know I've done well when I look at my outfit and think whether or not people would be able to guess where everything was from and the answer is no. Today I feel, was a success! The fact that it was practical was a huge bonus. 

To tie in the bright colours on my boots and my top, I chose my Bobbi Brown lipstick in Cosmic Raspberry- not only does it look beautiful, but it's so long lasting too! Except when it comes to Starbucks time that is...

As I was in town, I of course did a spot of holiday shopping. I picked up some bright pink ankle grazer jeans from Topshop for only £18 (original price £38)! I said to myself as I was trying them on; "if these jeans fit I'd be an absolute idiot to turn them down"- after that and some encouragement from my friends, I left the store with a slightly lighter purse. I also found a really nice tank top by Truly Madly Deeply in Urban Outfitters- it's completely plain, purple, with huge armholes (just how I like them) and a slight pink grain. For £10 it was a complete steal and it goes perfectly with my new jeans and my high waisted Levi collection! I'll post some photos tomorrow...

A few posts ago in "Do we have any Hufflepuffs..?" I mentioned that I had found the perfect thing to customise my already customised dip dyed Levi's. Well, believe it or not, I found this patch at the Warner Brothers Studios Tour (more info in  "Do we have any Hufflepuffs..?") and though I'm personally a Hufflepuff, the colours matched so well with my shorts that I had to buy it! I couldn't resist. I'm also hoping that it helps my case in attracting Tom Felton..? What do you guys think!? I can't wait to wear them when I visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on Monday- I have a feeling they'll attract some attention!

Time for some Zzzzzzs I think- surprise surprise, I have to be up early for work, again... But, tomorrow is my last shift before I jet off to Florida! I can't wait to get it out of the way and begin preparations for Saturday properly. Sleep well everyone!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Good night! Oh wait, good morning

Apologies for the slow updates! I've been at work the past three days (no surprise there)... Seeing as I'm jetting off to FL on Saturday, I thought it was about time I got you all up to speed on some of the amazing clothes I've been picking up for the coming sun. Saying that, I've heard the weather in the sunshine state hasn't been quite so sunny recently- anyone have anything to add to that?

Lets start with nail polish- not quite clothes I know, but I always buy some new colours for holiday that I tend to stick to throughout. As a lot of my clothes are dark/denim/vintage/studded/denim/denim/denim I wanted something that would continue (excuse the vague use of the word...) "rock-ish" image. I went for black- how cliched? Well, this isn't any ordinary black... It's metalic. It's great because it's hard to tell if you've made any dents or smudges and when it catches the light, the silver really comes through! I also got this cute metallic lilac which supposedly changes colour when you apply it- we shall have to see... I'll certainly include a mini review of it once I've tried it. Moving swiftly on before I get too over-excited by my new nail polish...

Anyone who has visited Orlando knows that water is a big part of most of the parks. Bearing this in mind, I wanted some shorts that were super light i.e not denim. I got these high-waisted little sporty shorts from Topshop whilst out with my parents. I've been seeing tonnes of variations on sports wear in the shops at the moment, whether it's track coats or trainers- personally, I'm a huge fan but I can definitely see why people think that the trend looks a bit too early 00's! My motto- anything in moderation is perfect, with a few exceptions, to an extent...

I'm also obsessed with crop tops right now. I think I mentioned that in my last post? Considering that a large part of my wardrobe consists of high-waisted shorts and other higher-than-the-hip paraphernalia, crop tops are just so perfect to create a wonderful outfit. I decided it was time that I jumped on the fringe band wagon- though I already own a fringed crop, it's far more tasseled than my new one which, as you can see, follows the cut up shirt style nicely. For me, this crop is pretty high street looking which is something I usually try to steer clear of but it looks great with my bikini (£6, H&M, couldn't say no) and conveniently hides the part of my body that I hate the most! What more can a girl ask for?

Lastly, you couldn't expect me to leave the country without a good pair of sandals, could you? Once again, Topshop served me (or my mother if you want to be pedantic...) well with these stunning studded leather gladiators. They were exactly what I'd been looking for- I'm not a fan of the plain gladiators as so many people have them! I was desperate for something a little different and once again, studs came to my rescue. I'm so excited to wear them and I have a hunch that they'll be perfect to team with my Hawaiian floral patterned maxi skirt. 

Please, excuse my feet.... I hate them just as much as you do. 
That's all for now folks! I have some exciting news for you all too- not sure if it's open for disclosure just yet but I'll get back to you asap. I'm hoping to have some super interesting posts coming up too which will be a little less "what I bought today..." orientated. I'm itching to get writing about my holiday and travels etc. I'm also feeling very 90's right now, so watch out... I need some Saved by the Bell in my life.

With that thought, I'll leave you with a photo of me in my jammies, not in bed, which is where I should be.


P.S Sorry for the shoddy cameraman-ship... It's late here. 

Friday, 29 June 2012


As nights out go, last night was a good one! It was one of my close friend's belated 18th birthday celebrations so, despite my current financial situation, I headed out with everyone. Unfortunately, I only have one photo from the entire evening... This photo is not something to be impressed with so you'll have to rely on my incredibly well-crafted description to conjure up a sufficient mental image of my outfit!

We spent our night at Thekla- a boat come club in the centre of Bristol known for it's more casual approach to going out. I chose to wear some indigo denim high-waisted Levi's- unlike most vintage shorts, they're a great fit as they're relatively short and don't have the typically unflattering folded bottoms. Teamed with my black cropped tee from Topshop, bear legs and indigo denim jacket I was set for dancing the night away. That, and the dark colours of my outfit meant that none of the hundreds of drinks that were inevitably going to be spilt on me would be visible...  Going back to my crop top- I can't get enough of them right now. They're so versatile, in particular the range of them that Topshop have brought out. You can see here that they've covered a colour for every occasion. My favourite part about them; they look great both dressed up and dressed down.

As I just mentioned, I went for double denim. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with double denim- you just have to be prepared to look slightly 90's... Like most things, if you feel like you look good in it you most likely will! Alexa Chung always looks great, but some of the best outfits I've seen her in are when she's  pairing more than one item of denim clothing.

This is in no way my photo! 

If you were interested in seeing my superb drunk photo taking, here it is! You can also see my new earrings- they look lovely but I made the mistake in purchasing them from Claire's... My ears were burning the whole night. Never again. 

My Bobbi Brown lipstick in "Guava" is the best thing I own...