Friday, 22 June 2012

Keeping it simple

Today I had our yearly training at work; it lasted 8 hours... That's 8 hours of powerpoints and quizzes on food hygiene. I've been cooped up in the house practically all week going stir crazy so despite my outing today being horrifyingly boring, I wanted to make a slight effort to look good! That, and I took a quick shopping trip afterwards... I decided on my new Topshop studded shorts - they're SO comfy (once worn in) and due to the detail they make a boring outfit look lovely. With these, I wore my oversize vintage cardi (bought about a year ago at a pop up sale for £10!) and a cute grey tee that I found in my wardrobe the other day... One of the perks of clearing out your clothing! Of course, I teamed my outfit with my Nike Airs- no matter how many people express their distaste towards them I can't help but love them- buy kids sizes (I'm a UK 4) to get them cheaper!
I saw Blink-182 at the weekend... Hence the Boomer mask!
My favourite part of this outfit was the jewellery- though it was again, incredibly simple, I loved how it complimented the studs and how the suede strap stood out on the shirt. I got the shorter necklace for £3 the other day from Motel- it shows my star sign which drew me to it, plus it's quite casual so I've started wearing it with absolutely everything. The cross necklace was from Topshop and unlike a lot of their neckalces, it's plainness is great for putting with everything. 

On my shopping trip I got myself some new Benefit make-up from the "Hello Flawless" range - I am now the proud owner of the powder and liquid foundation featured on the previous link! I didn't get a chance to try them on my face, only a quick colour match on my hand but they look great! If anyone has any reviews of these products (or any other Benefit products for that matter) I'd be interested to hear them.

I'm currently customising some bright pink Levi's which I picked up for £10 last year- they were way too long and big for me so I'm going for more of a hot pant, which I then plan to dip-dye and add a detail to the back pocket. I'm not sure what I'm going to add to the pocket yet as I can't afford to order any studs so your suggestions would be most welcome! I plan on finishing them off tomorrow; that's if I ever find my sewing machine pedal....


  1. I love it. I just bought some studs as well and Im planning on customizing them as well.

    1. Awesome! I'm in the processes of dying them now- I can't wait to see the finished product! x

  2. Now following u!!

  3. I want that shorts!