Friday, 11 January 2013

It's been a while...

How long to be precise? I don't even want to go into it...

However, a lot has happened in the past few months! Having started university in Cardiff studying English literature, I've been faced with so many incredible opportunities both academic and social. I've begun writing for the Cardiff University magazine Quench and have had a piece featured in almost every issue- it's a lot of fun! If you fancy having a read of some of my stuff, they can be found herehere and here. I'm sure those interested would be able to find the rest by having a search around...

Now, back to the matter in hand- clothes. I have had the best luck with the sales this year. That is not an understatement. In total, I saved over £400 and yes, you can argue that I still spent money that I probably didn't need to, but when the bargains are going at that price, who can blame me?!

My best buys include Lux By Sara & Amiee Berman Grandfather Coat, Croc print leather DMs and a real leather Topshop Boutique biker jacket among many, many other things. 

Apologies for the lack of content in this post! I plan to start documenting my outfits as regularly as I used to. Unfortunately, this has to depend on how much work I get set for uni... Boo hoo... I shall leave you with a few shots from the months that I've been AWOL. 

New Years Eve- Me and the Vodka Watermelon

Halloween- I killed Minnie Mouse 

Modelling for Quitters Never Win

Modelling for Quitters Never Win

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