Friday, 29 June 2012


As nights out go, last night was a good one! It was one of my close friend's belated 18th birthday celebrations so, despite my current financial situation, I headed out with everyone. Unfortunately, I only have one photo from the entire evening... This photo is not something to be impressed with so you'll have to rely on my incredibly well-crafted description to conjure up a sufficient mental image of my outfit!

We spent our night at Thekla- a boat come club in the centre of Bristol known for it's more casual approach to going out. I chose to wear some indigo denim high-waisted Levi's- unlike most vintage shorts, they're a great fit as they're relatively short and don't have the typically unflattering folded bottoms. Teamed with my black cropped tee from Topshop, bear legs and indigo denim jacket I was set for dancing the night away. That, and the dark colours of my outfit meant that none of the hundreds of drinks that were inevitably going to be spilt on me would be visible...  Going back to my crop top- I can't get enough of them right now. They're so versatile, in particular the range of them that Topshop have brought out. You can see here that they've covered a colour for every occasion. My favourite part about them; they look great both dressed up and dressed down.

As I just mentioned, I went for double denim. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with double denim- you just have to be prepared to look slightly 90's... Like most things, if you feel like you look good in it you most likely will! Alexa Chung always looks great, but some of the best outfits I've seen her in are when she's  pairing more than one item of denim clothing.

This is in no way my photo! 

If you were interested in seeing my superb drunk photo taking, here it is! You can also see my new earrings- they look lovely but I made the mistake in purchasing them from Claire's... My ears were burning the whole night. Never again. 

My Bobbi Brown lipstick in "Guava" is the best thing I own...

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  1. I was checking out your blog and I noticed that you had said that you think you can't go wrong with Denim on Denim. I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a guest post for my blog on how to style Denim shirts & denim on denim: the accessories, what works and what doesn't, different washes that work together and what not. Let me know what you think of the idea!