Monday, 2 July 2012

Good night! Oh wait, good morning

Apologies for the slow updates! I've been at work the past three days (no surprise there)... Seeing as I'm jetting off to FL on Saturday, I thought it was about time I got you all up to speed on some of the amazing clothes I've been picking up for the coming sun. Saying that, I've heard the weather in the sunshine state hasn't been quite so sunny recently- anyone have anything to add to that?

Lets start with nail polish- not quite clothes I know, but I always buy some new colours for holiday that I tend to stick to throughout. As a lot of my clothes are dark/denim/vintage/studded/denim/denim/denim I wanted something that would continue (excuse the vague use of the word...) "rock-ish" image. I went for black- how cliched? Well, this isn't any ordinary black... It's metalic. It's great because it's hard to tell if you've made any dents or smudges and when it catches the light, the silver really comes through! I also got this cute metallic lilac which supposedly changes colour when you apply it- we shall have to see... I'll certainly include a mini review of it once I've tried it. Moving swiftly on before I get too over-excited by my new nail polish...

Anyone who has visited Orlando knows that water is a big part of most of the parks. Bearing this in mind, I wanted some shorts that were super light i.e not denim. I got these high-waisted little sporty shorts from Topshop whilst out with my parents. I've been seeing tonnes of variations on sports wear in the shops at the moment, whether it's track coats or trainers- personally, I'm a huge fan but I can definitely see why people think that the trend looks a bit too early 00's! My motto- anything in moderation is perfect, with a few exceptions, to an extent...

I'm also obsessed with crop tops right now. I think I mentioned that in my last post? Considering that a large part of my wardrobe consists of high-waisted shorts and other higher-than-the-hip paraphernalia, crop tops are just so perfect to create a wonderful outfit. I decided it was time that I jumped on the fringe band wagon- though I already own a fringed crop, it's far more tasseled than my new one which, as you can see, follows the cut up shirt style nicely. For me, this crop is pretty high street looking which is something I usually try to steer clear of but it looks great with my bikini (£6, H&M, couldn't say no) and conveniently hides the part of my body that I hate the most! What more can a girl ask for?

Lastly, you couldn't expect me to leave the country without a good pair of sandals, could you? Once again, Topshop served me (or my mother if you want to be pedantic...) well with these stunning studded leather gladiators. They were exactly what I'd been looking for- I'm not a fan of the plain gladiators as so many people have them! I was desperate for something a little different and once again, studs came to my rescue. I'm so excited to wear them and I have a hunch that they'll be perfect to team with my Hawaiian floral patterned maxi skirt. 

Please, excuse my feet.... I hate them just as much as you do. 
That's all for now folks! I have some exciting news for you all too- not sure if it's open for disclosure just yet but I'll get back to you asap. I'm hoping to have some super interesting posts coming up too which will be a little less "what I bought today..." orientated. I'm itching to get writing about my holiday and travels etc. I'm also feeling very 90's right now, so watch out... I need some Saved by the Bell in my life.

With that thought, I'll leave you with a photo of me in my jammies, not in bed, which is where I should be.


P.S Sorry for the shoddy cameraman-ship... It's late here. 


  1. Love the top.Have fun on your holidays.xx

  2. Have a lovely holiday, love the shorts that you're taking! Super cute :)
    Georgia x